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The Best Of Both Worlds
For decades, acoustic and digital pianos were sitting there on opposite ends of the keyboard instrument spectrum. Acoustic pianos were for the “purists” who would accept nothing less than a traditional instrument with natural (non amplified) tone and organic wooden-key touch. Digital pianos were for the “progressives” who coveted the many capabilities digitals offer. Some players found the perfect balance by owning one of each type. But it was only a matter of time before the unique strengths of these divergent directions would converge, allowing players to harness the best attributes of each within a single instrument. Kawai is the only manufacturer to offer three distinct categories of Hybrids: Acoustic Hybrids (traditional acoustic pianos with digital piano functionality, known as “AnyTime Pianos”) and two different styles of Digital Hybrids — one featuring real wooden soundboards and the other with authentic acoustic-style wooden-key actions. Since the introduction of our first hybrid in 2007, Kawai hybrids have won 12 major international awards for excellence — more than any any other maker of hybrid instruments. As you explore these pages, may you discover a Kawai Hybrid that is the perfect fit for your musical skills and aspirations.


NOVUS NV10 (Action-Focused Hybrid)

The Millennium III Hybrid Grand Piano Action serves as the centerpiece of the highly-acclaimed NOVUS NV-10. Based on the action design of Kawai’s renowned GX Series Grand Pianos, the Millennium III Hybrid Action replaces traditional felt hammers with newly-developed composite equivalents that are individually weighted from bass to treble and utilizes high-precision optical sensors that read the subtle movements of each hammer in the creation of exceptional tone. With the industry’s only “real grand piano hybrid damper mechanism” and specialized components developed in collaboration with leading premium audio manufacturer Onkyo, the NV-10 is in a class of its own.


CA98 and CS11 (Soundboard-Focused Hybrids)

The soundboard is the heart of a piano’s sound. It transforms the vibrations of the strings into the rich, full tonal quality the defines a great instrument. The CA98 and CS11 Digital Hybrids use these principles of tone creation in the unique “Soundboard Speaker System” that channels sound energy on to a wooden soundboard to reproduce the full-bodied tonal ambience of an acoustic piano. The result is a remarkably authentic playing experience that immerses the player in lush, resonant sound that has been called the finest in its class.


Kawai Acoustic Hybrids begin with our renowned grand and upright pianos that have been the choice of discerning pianists for generations. These instruments are equipped with digital technology, allowing them to operate as full-featured digital pianos that can be played silently with headphones. Dubbed the “AnyTime Pianos,” these hybrids are acoustic pianos that can be played anytime or anywhere without disturbing anyone.

In “Acoustic Mode,” AnyTime Pianos can be played in traditional fashion with full-bodied tone. In “AnyTime Mode,” the hammers never touch the strings. Instead, they activate digital components that produce our award-winning digital piano tone through headphones. Ideal for apartment living or for homes where late night or early morning practice could disturb family members or neighbors, the AnyTime Pianos are the perfect hybrid solution for aspiring pianists who need “practice time” to be anytime.