Henry F Miller Upright Piano | Satin Cherry

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Henry F Miller Upright Piano

-Brand: Henry F Miller

-Serial # 725670

-Finish: Satin Cherry

-Condition: Very Good

Henry F. Miller was an old piano maker dating back to 1863. These high quality pianos were preferred by many professional pianists in the late 1800's. When found today, Henry F. Miller pianos are exquisite as they stand out for the long-lasting materials that were used in the originals.

Upright pianos are the tallest within vertical piano class. At over 55" in height, these are very tall instruments with large soundboards and long strings, capable of projecting an impressive volume. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many large uprights were manufactured in America, and vintage instruments like these are readily available; however, caution should be taken when dealing with an instrument like this, due to many unknown factors affecting the condition of the piano. If you properly maintain an upright piano, it can perform well for many decades to come.

Henry F Miller Upright Piano | Satin Cherry

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