Kimball Console Piano | Satin Walnut | SN: 777677

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Kimball Satin Walnut Console Piano

-Brand: Kimball

-Serial # 777677

-Finish: Satin Walnut

-Condition: Very Good

Founded by W.W. Kimball in 1857, Kimball pianos were no longer produced but remained some of the best in the world. These pianos were built in remarkable conditions and play like a dream. Here is an opportunity to own a truly impressive piano.

Console pianos are a great option for beginner or intermediate players looking to upgrade from digital pianos or keyboards. The console is the most common size for a vertical piano, and equips "compact action" with shorter hammers than a larger upright piano. Due to the action's placement over the keys, rather than under (as in a spinet piano), a console typically plays better than a spinet. The console piano is a few inches taller than a spinet, but shorter than a studio model.

Kimball Console Piano | Satin Walnut | SN: 777677

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