Kawai 44" 803F Console Piano - Satin Walnut

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Kawai 44" 803F Console Piano | Satin Walnut

Manufactured: 1982 - 1983

Made in: Japan

This console is ideal for a beginner to an intermediate piano player looking to upgrade from a keyboard or digital piano. This size piano is the most common of the vertical pianos sizes.  Console pianos, which have a compact action (shorter hammers than a large upright has), but because the console's action is above the keys rather than below them as in a spinet, a console almost always plays better than a spinet does. Console pianos are a few inches shorter than studio models.

This instrument has been thoroughly inspected by our service department and maintained to ensure it is sold in optimal playing condition. It includes a 90-day full-service warranty with purchase and will be tuned before delivery. Additional service plans are available at the time of purchase. The complete package qualifies for financing and includes a piano bench. Delivery and/or service fees vary and are based on location and logistics. For more information on delivery and service fees, please contact Alamo Music Center for a quote. Delivery and service promotions are applicable at times. Extended warranty plans are also available. Please note that the online shipping calculator is not applicable.

Kawai 44" 803F Console Piano - Satin Walnut

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