K Series

Kawai K Series Professional Upright Pianos
Whenever knowledgable pianists discuss which brands of upright pianos are the finest in the world, Kawai K Series Professional Upright Pianos are always part of that conversation. One of the many reasons is because K Series pianos provide a truly exceptional combination of excellent touch, outstanding tone and unrivaled stability that will impress any discerning player or seasoned performer. Most piano brands tend to make bold claims about superb touch and tone. But the key attribute that most pianos buyers overlook is “stability” — the instrument’s ability to stay in tune and maintain high-quality touch and tone over the course of time.

A half-century ago, Kawai realized that the prime cause of problems within pianos was the use of wood in every part of the piano’s internal action. Wooden parts would shrink, swell and warp — which, in turn, negatively affected both touch and tone. To prevent such problems, Kawai pioneered the use of modern composite parts that are virtually impervious to the shrinking, swelling and warpage issues that normally cause piano performance to decline. The renowned Kawai Millennium III Upright Action with composite parts is the chief reason why K Series Professional Uprights maintain exceptional tone and touch over time — and why they are continually counted among the world’s finest upright pianos.