Young Chang 5' G150 Baby Grand Piano | Polished Ebony

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Young Chang G150 Baby Grand Piano

-Brand: Young Chang

-Serial # G097039

-Model: G150

-Finish: Polished Ebony

-Condition: Very Good

Considered by many to be Young Chang's best grand piano, the model G-150 is a 5' baby grand piano that compares closely with Yamaha's best C or G series piano. The action here is very responsive and the tone is lush and clear.

Young Chang was founded in 1956. They rapidly grew into a manufacturer of instruments that provided a special bargain to the people. Young Chang has grown to become one of the World's largest piano makers with ratings comparable to top manufacturers making upper quality consumer-grade pianos. Young Chang currently holds 50% of the South Korean piano market. The company is among the largest and most automated of the world's piano manufacturers.

Young Chang 5 G150 Baby Grand Piano or Polished Ebony

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