ES Portables

Kawai ES Portable Digital Pianos
There are so many reasons why a player needs a portable instrument that sounds great and isn't overly heavy. If you need a traveling stage piano with built-in speakers that can also serve as a practice instrument on the road, you are in luck. If you need a piano that can be easily moved from room to room at home to avoid disturbing others, we have you covered. The ES Series Portable Digital Pianos have earned an award-winning reputation as some of the most popular portable instruments in the industry.

The all-new ES920 is a powerful, compact and amazingly lightweight portable digital piano that will satisfy any player from the enthusiast to the professional. Its Responsive Hammer III Action provides the natural “feel” of an acoustic grand piano with its springless design, authentic movement and premium “Ivory Touch” key surfaces. Offering acoustic piano-like touch and tone in a compact design, the completely new mid-range ES520 is well-suited for all players. It features Kawai’s Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action and high-performance sound technology. The ES110 is known for its “Responsive Hammer Compact Action” that offers exceptional touch in a lightweight and highly affordable design. The ES series pianos offer the same outstanding tone and quality that has placed Kawai digital pianos among the most acclaimed digital pianos in the world. If you need power and portability, one the ES Series instruments is sure to meet your needs.